School Council

‚ÄčThe aim of our School Council is to develop an awareness of citizenship and allow the children to have a voice in the running of our school.

The School Council is made up of children from all classes across the school. These children are elected by their peers to be representatives for their class and attend regular meetings to discuss relevant matters of interest concerning school organisation and development. The School Council is actively involved in decision making within our school.

Our School council for 2017/2018 is made up of:

Class 1 Paige Lucas
Class 2 Samuel Beth
Class 3  Malou Alex

In the 2017/2018 academic year the school council have met regularly to discuss matters of importance within and outside of the school. 
So far, the school council have raised money for charities by organising and running a coffee morning in support of McMillan charity, holding a pyjama day and a cake day for Children In Need and assisting the sports council in running a cake sale for Sports Relief week. 

The school council have worked on a series of projects around the school to improve children’s enrichment activities. They have set up Golden Time clubs that run every Friday afternoon and started providing organised activities at lunchtime (Click on the link to see the rota). 

The school council’s next priority is to encourage and promote healthy eating across the school using Phunky Food’s healthy eating campaign.


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